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7 Fun Fall Toys Your Dog (And You) Will Love!

As autumn leaves start to fall and the air turns crisp, there's no better time to refresh your dog's toy collection. From plush pumpkin pie to a whimsical turkey, these toys are not only playful and durable but also perfectly capture the essence of the season. Dive in and discover the charming toys that will make this fall unforgettable for your furry friend!

Wishbone Turkey Plush Dog Toy

1. Wishbone Turkey

Meet the Wishbone Turkey plush toy! With a festive flair, this toy captures the essence of a classic turkey with its vivid brown plumage and colorful accents. Perfect for the Thanksgiving season, it's soft, huggable, and designed for hours of play. Your furry friend will be gobbling up the fun in no time! 🦃

Turkey Bowl

2. Turkey Bowl

Introducing the Turkey Bowl — where Thanksgiving meets game day!  A delightful twist on a classic toy, this plush toy perfectly combines the joy of a festive feast with the excitement of a touchdown. Whether your furry MVP is in the mood for a festive snuggle or a lively fetch, this toy is ready for the action. Let the games begin and may the best pup win... or at least get the most belly rubs! 🦃🏈

Punkin Pie

3. Punkin Pie

Serving up a slice of festive fun with Punkin Pie!  This plush toy is tailor-made for pups who love a little playful indulgence. Just like the classic dessert, it's irresistibly appealing and hard to resist a nibble—or in this case, a playful chomp. Let them dive nose-first into their very own pie, and watch the wagging tails and playful pounces unfold! Bon appétreat! 🐾🥧

Puggin Spice Latte

4. Puggin Spice Latte

Curl up and get cozy with the Puggin Spice Latte!  This adorable plush toy serves up a delightful blend of autumn vibes and playful fun. Inspired by everyone's favorite fall beverage, it's the perfect treat for pups who love to 'sip' and play. So, skip the coffee shop line and let your furry friend indulge in their own caffeine-free version of the seasonal classic. Whether it's fetch or tug-of-war, this latte guarantees a 'brew-tiful' playtime! 🎃☕🐾

Barkers Mark

5. Barkers Mark

Cheers to Barkers Mark – the plush toy that's raising the 'bar' for playtime! This fun-filled "90 woof" whisky bottle is the perfect toy for pups who enjoy the finer things in life. Whether your furry friend is lounging about or shaking things up, this bottle promises barrels of fun! So, pour your pup a 'drink' and let the good times roll! 🥃🐾

Beary Styles

6. Beary Styles

Introducing Beary Styles – the plush heartthrob every doggo is crooning over! Dressed in its stylish plaid vest, this bear is ready to serenade your fur-baby with hours of snuggly fun. Perfect for cuddle sessions or spirited playtimes, Beary Styles hits all the right notes for a chart-topping playtime favorite! 🎵🐻

Skipper Squirrel

7. Skipper Squirrel

Meet Skipper Squirrel – the plush playmate every dog dreams of! With its soft texture and irresistible squeak, this delightful squirrel will send your pup into endless rounds of playful chase. It's not just a toy; it's a squirrel-tastic adventure waiting to be had. Squirrel! 🐿️

Leaves & Nuts Bow Tie

BONUS - Leaves & Nuts Bow Tie

Say hello to the Leaves & Nuts Bow Tie – the paw-fect fall flair for your fur-baby! With colorful leaves and crunchy nuts, this bow tie is all about autumn tail-wagging fun. Let your pupper rock this fetching accessory and be the bark of the park this season!