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9 Spirited Dog Toys For Yappy Hour Fun!

At Huxley & Kent, we believe every tail wag deserves a toast! Our selection of plush, beverage-themed toys is a one-stop shop for infusing your dog's toy bin with a splash of joy. From the refined 'Barker's Mark' to the sunny 'Margarita Loco,' we've uncorked the ultimate collection that promises to keep your furry friend entertained. So, let's raise a plush chew toy and say "cheers" to the happiest of hours spent with our loyal companions! 🥂🐾

Grrs Light

1. Grrrs Light

Say 'cheers' to playtime with the 'Grrrs Light' plush toy, a refreshing twist on your favorite light beer. It's a dog-friendly way to keep your pup entertained and hydrated with fun — no ID required! Whether it's a sunny day at the park or a chill evening at home, this toy is brewed to perfection for every tail-wagging occasion.

Barker's Mark

2. Barker's Mark

Introducing 'Barker's Mark,' the top-shelf choice for discerning pups with a taste for the finer things in life. This plush toy brings a touch of canine class to playtime, offering your furry friend a 'neat' experience in every chomp and chew. Let your dog indulge in a little luxury — because who says happy hour is just for humans?

Toto's Pawdka

3. Toto's Pawdka

Unleash the fun with 'Toto's Pawdka,' the ultimate plush pick for the pooch who loves to party. This squeaky toy will give your furry friend a taste of the good life without the next-day hair of the dog. Whether it's a solo play session or a social at the dog park, 'Toto's Pawdka' is the perfect playmate for every sophisticated snout.

Barking Angel Rose

4. Barking Angel Rosé

Add a splash of sophistication to your furry friend's toy collection with the 'Barking Angel Rosé' plush. This chic toy is perfect for the posh pup who enjoys the finer things in life, with a squeaker inside for a touch of playful luxury. Let your pup savor the bouquet of fun with this elegant rosé bottle — no ID or corkscrew required!

Barkers Mark

5. Puppy Van Tinkle's

Toast to the good life with 'Puppy Van Tinkle's,' the plush toy that's a playful pour from the top shelf of doggy luxury. It's designed for the discerning pup with a taste for the exquisite and a penchant for a good chew. Whether your furry friend is a connoisseur of fun or simply enjoys the finer things in life, this toy is sure to bring a wag to their tail and a smile to your face.

Margarita Loco

6. Margarita Loco

Get ready for a fiesta with 'Margarita Loco,' the zesty plush toy that will have your tiny tail-wagger feeling like the life of the party. This toy mixes up a batch of fun with its playful design and squeaky surprise, perfect for those festive playdates or just lounging after a long day of being adorable. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, and your pup's ready to shake things up!

Bad Dog Jack's Whiskey

7. Bad Dog Jack's

Get your pup in the 'spirit' of Yappy Hour with the "Bad Dog Jack Whiskey" plush toy! This delightfully squeaky tribute to your favorite tipple is sure to give your four-legged friend a 'barrel' of fun, minus the hangover. Perfect for a game of fetch or a cuddly nap-time companion, it's the ultimate toy for the dog who loves to party as much as you do!

Fido Loco Tequila

8. Fido Loco Tequila

Shake things up with the 'Fido Loco Tequila' toy, where every hour is Yappy Hour! This plush toy is a whimsical nod to your favorite tequila, guaranteed to give your pup a burst of festive fun without the next-day fuzzies. Perfect for a spirited game of tug or a restful siesta in the sun, 'Fido Loco' is the go-to toy for any paw-ty animal.

Pups Blue Ribbon

9. Pups Blue Ribbon

Grab a 'Pups Blue Ribbon' and let your furry friend join in on the casual fun! This plush toy is a nod to the classic favorite, offering all the chill vibes of a laid-back afternoon without any of the side effects. Perfect for a game of indoor fetch or simply to cuddle with during nap time, this toy is a winner in any dog's book. Here's to the chill pups who enjoy the simple joys of a good squeak!

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