Party Hats with SnugFit®


Is your furry friend ready to join the party? 🥳 Make every celebration a tail-wagging good time with our Party Hats designed exclusively for pets! These aren't just any party hats; they come equipped with our innovative SnugFit® Technology, ensuring comfort and stability for your four-legged companion.

 🐶 SnugFit® Technology: Comfort and Style Unleashed

 ✨ Double the Comfort: Featuring two sets of stretchy elastic bands, our Party Hats provide a custom fit that's snug and comfy. No more slipping or discomfort for your pet!

Adjustable Fit: With a sliding toggle, you can easily adjust the hat to fit your pet's chin perfectly. Say goodbye to those ill-fitting hats that leave your pet feeling uneasy.

Ear-Friendly Design: The elastic bands run both in front and back of your pet's ears, ensuring the hat stays securely in place. No more lost party hats during playtime!

  🎈 Styles for Every Celebration

🎂 Birthday Bash: Celebrate your pet's special day with our colorful and fun birthday-themed hats. It's the perfect way to make them feel like the star of the party.

🏡 "Gotcha Day" Extravaganza: Commemorate the day you brought your pet home with hats designed specifically for "gotcha day" celebrations. It's a wonderful reminder of the love and happiness they bring to your life.

 🌟 Whimsy and Fun: We offer hats in a variety of bright and playful designs that humans and pets will adore at every occasion!

Make every moment with your beloved pet a celebration to remember. Because with Huxley & Kent, every day is a reason to celebrate the joy your pet brings to your life! 🐾


Sizing (inches)

  • Small: 2.5 x 2.5 x 5
  • Large: 4 x 4 x 7